Classs 2A interview Year 3

Live Blog Year 2 interview Year 3!

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Live Blog Year 1 interview class 2A

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King Arthur interview


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Location, Location, Location!

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Literacy morning!

Year 2 have had a wonderful morning creating their own versions of Pixar’s ‘La Luna’. (Find the video here)

Parents joined in to help us put the story into a boxing clever plan, before writing the story by replacing specific words with emojis.

Take a look at their super creations…



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Congratulations to our shining stars this week


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Location, location, location!

imageToday we have thought about where we live, and the different things that we find in our town.
When we had decided on a list of special features, we created symbols for them. We used these symbols to design our very own town! Take a look at our amazing map.

What buildings can you see in your town?


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Please vote for class 4A!

Class 4A’s blog been chosen as one of the UK’s 100 best education blogs. They are thrilled to be nominated, but now we want to go one better and claim the overall prize. To help them, please can you email stating as your favourite blog.

You can see the full list and a link to the email address by clicking on the picture below.

100 best blogs

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